It is unlikely that any enjoy significantly wider project variety than ourselves. A very general breakdown may place our work around 93% commercial, 7% domestic.

This is not to say that we lack a presence and interest in dwellings. Multi-residential projects figure prominently in our commercial work. Accommodation and hospitality generally is one of our strongest areas of work.

Our projects range broadly in size they include major facilities master-planning and new buildings; they include repairs and maintenance, additions and alterations and the production of management plans and feasibility analyses.

We have produced significant projects in all the areas listed to the left. As we have few images available, we expect it will take considerable time to provide a fair representation of all areas.

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Heritage Consultancy, Management & Projects
Hotels, Motels, Bottleshops, Hospitality Generally
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Restaurants & Food Service
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Industrial, Light Industrial, Factories Etc.
Arts, Galleries, Theatres, Gyms, Sports & Media
Rural Facilities
New Residences, Additions & Alterations
Retail & Display
Interior Architecture
Health and Medical
Government Buildings, Prisons, Hospitals Etc.
Office and administration buildings
Multiple Houses, Villas, Semi-Detached and Units
Hard and Soft Landscapes
Military Installations, Support Buildings and Residences
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